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Kazue Sawami

Kazue Sawami

PhD in Health Sciences.

Professor of Gerontological Nursing

Nara Medical University

Address:840 Shijo, Kashihara, Nara JAPAN

Research Interest

Research focuses on verifying the effectiveness of efforts to prevent dementia.

In the intervention, music therapy, rhythm exercise, sandplay of miniature garden and brain training task are combined. We are amazed at the potential of the elderly. We are re-recognize the valuable life of the elderly every day. We want to show the value and potentiality of a wonderful elderly by research.

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Recent Research

Verification of The Effect of Cognitive Training by Dance


In this study, we have developed a rhythmic brain training methods to suit the music.

For this method, it has been verified lyrics accompanied with sound or rhythm are stored easily by the memory, but difficult to remember when without sound or rhythm. It was hypothesized that combining rhythmic music with repeated memory tasks would improve memory performance.

We also verified the correlation between the blood vessel age and athletic ability and cognitive function.

In conclusion, rhythmic brain training tailored to the music, was valid for both motor skills and cognitive function.

Other research

  • Achievement of Brain Training Course for the Elderly
  • Relationship between cognitive function, vascular age and stress.
  • Comparison of dual-task and single-task in the prevention of cognitive decline, and the relationship between cognition and body composition.
  • Prevention of Mild Cognitive Impairment.