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Open access (OA), the term itself defines that, it is the ability to access the data without any constraints. OA is digital and serves an opportunity for all the readers and users to freely read, download and save the data for unlimited number of times and also there is no limit for the data that can be used. OA is indicated by an Open-lock symbol.

The concept of open access in publishing became apparent when the publishing in conventional non-open access journals started being uneconomical. The increase in usage of World Wide Web also strengthened the open access movement. These non-open access journals also called subscribed journals charge the users in the form of tolls or subscriptions for accessing the content for covering their publishing costs. And so, the open access has emerged to extend the boundaries of publishing and make the readers and researchers utilize the scientific content freely to a maximum extent.

In order to support the worldwide scientific research, ArvinMed has started various open access journals in multiple disciplines of science and technology to showcase a quality research, to bring all the researchers and readers of a single scientific interest to a single platform and also to improve the quality of the to be published research by helping the upcoming scientists polish their work with peer review.

Open access with ArvinMed is preferable as,

  • It is economical
  • Faster publishing process
  • Unlimited data can be accessed
  • Strong Peer review increases the quality of manuscript
  • Strict plagiarism policy avoids the copying or infringement of data
  • The work can be publishing in the related journal of the authors’ choice
  • Many types of articles will be considered for publishing (Research/Review/Opinion etc.,)
  • Unlimited data can be provided in certain type of Articles (Research and Review)
  • Permanent Archiving of the published articles
  • No Licensing and Copyright issues