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Processing Fee ArvinMed International

ArvinMed International is a scientific organization and has been started out of scientific interest where it has no financial support and does not receive any kind of funding to publish the received manuscripts.

There will be a lot of backend process required to publish an article, which includes various software and management systems for the processing of the manuscript, proofreading, pdf making, permanent archiving, indexing and other customer services.

In case of subscription-based journals, the subscribers or the readers are charged to access the article and this stands as their funding source. As we are an open access publisher, all the articles published in our journals are easily accessible by the readers and so we charge authors for submitting their work and this is termed as Article Processing Charges (APC) or the Processing fee.

ArvinMed International  charges a minimal APC of 500 USD and is only to cover the day-to-day editorial and technical processing costs of publishing. All authors will be charged a processing fee, and the payment is done only after receiving the acceptance from the editors to publish the article. The corresponding author will be informed about the acceptance of their manuscript by the editorial office and once the payment is done, the manuscript undergoes post-processing works.

Discounts and Waivers:
Every author who submitted the work to ArvinMed International is charged with a publication fee as it is the only source of income for the maintenance of journal. In few cases, the authors can apply for a discount or waiver and the decision of editorial office will be final on waiving the fee. These cases include,

  • The Editorial members, who will be eligible for waivers and discounts
  • The authors referred by the existing editorial members can avail discounts
  • Reviewers who performed a review of articles submitted to that particular journal can avail a discount of 25%
  • The corresponding authors from low-income countries, who do not have funding or enough financial support to bear the processing charges can apply for waiving the charges