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Sponsorship ArvinMed International

ArvinMed invites sponsors from all over the world to support our top-notch conferences. These conferences offer a great platform for the exchange of ideas, understanding the current research trends in that particular subject area, significant knowledge sharing. The outstanding speakers from esteemed organizations will provide a zeal to these conferences. The sponsors will have various advantages like,

  • Conferences held by Scient are well organized, predefined and provides an ease of promotion
  • The conference provides an opportunity to promote your products internationally
  • The company’s logo will be displayed on the conference page of the website as well as at the conference venue
  • The product of the sponsors and their logo will be displayed in the related journal’s current issue page for a period of 3 months
  • Direct promotion of the products can be done to the scientists and researchers in that particular field
  • A demonstration or a presentation on your company and its products will be arranged at the conference, which provides the attendees with a clear picture of the products
  • The products can reach various groups of audience i.e., from esteemed Scientists to the young researchers of various inter-related research areas from various parts of the world
  • The Sponsors will be provided with all their requirements at the venue

ArvinMed treats their sponsors with utmost care, takes into account all their requirements to make their promotion unique, reach the maximum audience and makes sure to provide them a comfort zone. Sponsors can reach Scient with their interests at editorialoffice@arvinmedonline.net